5:31 PM

A New-Age Black Woman

Yes, I am a Black woman. A woman whose heritage begins in Africa. And? Why do you label me militant? Because I speak for myself? Because the media or research says so? Is it the attitude I’m giving you because this is the fifteenth time you’ve tried to holler at me AFTER I’ve made it clear that I have a man? Is it because I’m trying to do something with my life? Is it because I want to be treated better and respected? Why do you put labels on me? You should be glad that I am a Black woman who has a college education and then some, who does NOT have multiple kids before 20 years old, with NO sign of HIV/AIDS, who has a job--sorry--career, believes in monogamy, and trying to live a God-fearing life. Yet, I deal with your stares, your disgust, your unwanted remarks. Do you not realize what I go through everyday? I’m brought down by the assumption that I have a bad attitude, stuck up, and ‘act‘ just like a black woman. My image is tainted by many black women who choose to live off of welfare, who have five kids by four different men, who don‘t want to do nothing but live in or start chaos. I am wrongly compared to other women of other races.

Let me set you straight for a minute and clear up your misconceptions, friend. I am not ghetto nor do I plan to be. I am not uneducated and I’ll never will be. I am not mad or stupid or third-class or anything that you label me as because you do not know me, my friend. If you think you do, you are sadly mistaken. I am a New-Age Black woman. I’m independent with a heart of gold, a mind like a priceless diamond, with perspectives of a dove. I have a glide like no other and a body that is of profound royalty. You don’t know what I am capable of nor will you be able to wrap your fragile thought process around the concept. I am not a hoe, a bitch, a mere woman, or anything simple. I am. Don’t speculate, just know. I’m not militant, I’m confident: swagger that is unmatched. Get it right or get it together.

(Erica L.)